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The Home Office are becoming stricter at accepting Passport Photos so why not let us take your photo instead of fiddling around with those pesky booths? We personally take photos for use in a UK Passport, BusPass, Driving licenses or ID cards and even for some foreign passports and visas (US & Indian 2x2 inch visas are generally fine, for other countries please contact us and we'll confirm whether or not we can comply with the required specifications).

It couldn't be simpler. Pop in-store and ask for your photograph to be taken, for adults the whole process usually only takes about 5 minutes. You will receive 4 sized and cut photos.

We supply a printed version only. We do not supply a digital image on any media or e-mail.

If you are elderly, infirm or it is a bit of a task for you to come into the shop, please do contact us first to make sure we haven’t had a machine break-down or power cut. We’d hate for you to have a wasted journey.

We can also take baby passport photographs but recommend you contact us first to make sure we have a patient member of staff on hand when you come in! It’s usually best to avoid between 12 and 2pm.

We make every effort to ensure your photo complies with the current passport office specification. In the unlikely event that your photo is rejected, please inform us of the issue and we will re-take it free of charge.

Although the passport application states that non-reflective, non-tinted spectacles may be worn it does also say that the frames must not cover your eyes – so in reality they need to be a very large pair of spectacles! In view of this, we will always recommend you remove your spectacles. If you insist on wearing them, we will not re-take the photo or refund any monies paid if the post office refuse them, for any reason.

When taking the photo, we will ensure that every passport specification is covered, including;

Photos of Children

To get the full details and more information on passports visit the Directgov website.

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